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Why So Hard?

Why is it so hard for me to pray? I don't get it. I can use excuses all I want. "It's my self diagnosed ADD" (most overdiagnosed thing in America, BTW) "I am a product of my genration" Whatever! Who cares. The bottom line is that I love myself more than my savior. I don't love him enough to get down on my knees and pray. Today my girlfriend told me she can tell a difference in me when I have not been in prayer. Ouch. The truth hurts. Why do I not do what I preach as so important to others? Father, I say that I need you. I will die for you. In the midst of all of this going on, I forget to turn to you. Please forgive us all for forsaking you. It is funny, I spend so much time reading about God and pursuing God's will for my life and talking about him to others, I forget to talk to him. Samuel Chadwick said that prayer is the acid test of devotion. I am praying and I hope you will to that you will not be able to think about going


For every action there is to be an equal and opposite reaction. This is a very interesting concept. I sit here listening to the new Charlie Hall CD. He rocks, and is an Oklahoma boy. This cd seems to be about a journey. It's called "On the Road to Beautiful". He talks about following God, and the songs seem to swell from seeking God to this climax of finding Him and being satisfied by Him, and then being sent out. This set me in thought. One of the songs says "I'm chasing after you because you first chased after me." Reactions. Why do I love? Because he first loved me. Why do I embrace him? Because he first embraced me. Why do I rejoice in singing to him? Because he first rejoiced over me. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If Jesus died for me, then there is nothing else that I can do except die for Him. If we are to be imitators of Christ, we must do it all the way. Jesus left no room for us to wimp out. &

There, I Said It

I stutter. That's right. I STUTTER. Not something I talk about a lot with anyone. I fell when I was a kid and cracked my head, damaging the part of my brain that helps me speak. So now I stutter. I went to speech therapy as a kid, but it didn't help alot. So here I am. When I was sixteen years old, God called me to preach. This is a brief paraphrase of how it went GOD: "Luke, I want you to preach." LUKE: "Uh, are you sure? I ,uh, like stutter and stuff." GOD: "I know. C'mon, lets go." LUKE: "OK" Theres a bit more to it than that, but you get the jist. I preached Sunday night at my church, and I listened to the tape this afternoon. Can I say, I hate listening to myself. I stutter! How could anyone listen to me. God, are you sure you know what you are doing? How could you use me? I hear all over now the cries of Moses, and Paul, and all these people with disadvanteges. I know. I know. I know. Easier

When Did It Start?

I read this morning in Romans chapter 1. It saddened me. What a description of the world and of our sinful nature. I sat this past weekend at a youth conference. It was not all that bad. But why, oh why, must christians clap and cheer at everything someone says? As I read in Romans, I wonder if people cheered him as he said this. Did he get applause on Mars Hill? Did Peter get cheers and shouts at Pentecost? My point is this: Why do we cheer for people, and their great words, when the creation arounds us groans for Him. All we can do is clap and shout and whistle for Jesus at our seminars and retreats by the lake, while a world is dying and going to hell. Christians, I challenge you to trade your cheers for tears. Trade your emotion for compassion. Trade your retreat for a trip downtown to minister to the lost. Trade the dollars you spend on Christian junk for a chance to point someone toward Jesus. Hannah in I Samuel chapter 1 basically prayed, "Give me c

It's Our Fault

Why are we so schocked at youth culture today? We just can't believe them. Big Events and shows and stuff. That is so so sad that they buy into that stuff. Why? This is all we feed them. I sit here at a big conference. What the speaker said was not bad. The worship is good. But folks, especially ministers, we created this monster. We created club worship. We sacrifice our dignity , our integrity, our commitment, and our people to this machine. It is the same with adults too. We must really be worshipping God, because we sing "contemporary songs". We have a reflection time in our service. We have guitars. We have drums. Hey, guess what? None of that matters. We can sing the same song over and over 50 million times, but that does not mean we are truly seeking God. Closing your eyes and looking up does not mean jack. We do not believe in the word of God anymore. We think we must water it down, chop it in half, avoid issues, and put it all in a easy


Why do I wake up everyday and choose to follow other things? Why do I continue to give in to sin? Why do I waste my time? Why do I listent to garbage on my radio? Why do I watch mindles drivel on TV? Why do I speed when I know what the law is? Why do I not help the person because they look different than me? Why do I think my life must be easy? Why do I spit in the face of my Saviour? Why do I choose something beside The Way? Why do I nail him on the cross? Why do I crucify him with my thoughts and deeds? Why do I trample on His grace? Why?

A Ladder or No?

A ladder. This is what I always thought it was like. But following God is just not this way. It is just not what I expected. I always thought that I would know the path. God says he knows the path he has for me. Plans to give me a future and a hope. Oh. It doesn't say anything about ladders. Ladders and God's plan for my life are not mentioned anywhere. I was confused! You see, ladder goes straight up. You can see each rung ahead of you. You know where you are going. But a path winds around around and has obstacles in my way. When you stand at the bottom of a mountain, and you look to the top, you plan a way to get there. But that way never works out. There are boulders, and bears, and paths, and chasms and everything else in the way. But not on a ladder. No sir. It just goes straight to the top. And everyone can see you when you climb. Comment on how good you are doing at climbing. How you grab each rung forcefully as you pull yourself up. How good

How Do I Know?

As you might could tell by my previous post, I think I am at a strange place in my life. The whole world is seeking, seeking, for God, or at least a god, in some way or another. Even born again christians are. But then when we find it, it's not what we expected. Not trying to be redundant, but this is what God has laid on my heart this past week. My whole life I have sat and listened. I have sought after God in many places. I did not look in many places the world looks. God spared me from a lot of that. The bible promises we will find Him when we look with all our hearts. How do I know when I find him? I thought when I found God, somehow my life would get easier. Instead, it seems to have gotten harder. I thought being filled with the Holy Spirit would make things better. It makes me more pained over the sin in my life, and those people I minister to. I can't sit and watch a football game, because all I can think about is how so many people are entertained


"Go here", the man said, pointing at my map. "This will give you what you need." I had been looking for this place forever, and finally I knew I was on my way to the right place. I picked up my belongings and headed down the road. Boy was I tired. I had been on the road a long time. I had never wanted anything so bad in my life. I was tired, extremely weary, but my pace picked up as my excitement did about reaching the end of my journey. My heart began to burn within me as saw the place on the horizon. I had talked to many people, young and old about this place. I read stories of men and women of old who had been there. I sat in seminars and sermons that promised to show me the way. I had searched kind of half-heartedly for a while. Finally, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I left everything I owned, packed up what I could carry, and went on my way. I had been to the cities, teeming with people. Lots of them were on their journey also.


I just wrote a big post and then erased it. It was a bunch of mindless drivel. As I sit here and wait on God's plan for my life to unfold, one thought keeps coming across my mind: When have you let me down before? I will not lie and say that I love to wait on God's timing. Waiting is hard. Those of you who know me know that my life is full of waiting on God to bring about his perfect plan. But why do I still worry? Time after time, the Lord has met my needs. He has never failed me. He has never let me down from his arms. He has never forsaken me. Even in my darkest moments, he was always there. On my way back from New Orleans(13 hours), I had one of my kids ask me in the van how I could speak with such confidence about the bad things in my past. Caught me off guard. I was not sure how to respond, but the Holy Spirit gave me words for her. When I look back at my past, the ups and the downs, the hard times, the bad, the waiting, God is there. I wish sometimes