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This is the book I have been reading for about 6 months now off and on. It is really series of lectures delivered around 1912. Fantastic though. It is a call to pastor's to function as shepherds to their people, truly caring for them. In chapter 3 he speaks of the shepherd's oppurtunity today. He compares it modern medicine, in the idea that doctors generally do not deal with patients in large groups. Each patient has his own bed, with his own chart, his own blood pressure rates on there. Every respiration is noted, every movement, patient history, allergies and the such are recorded. Here's a snippet: "It is not by the spectacular and scenic methods that the death rate of great cities is reduced, but by the loving care of the one baby, the faithful nursing of the one patient who without this care and nursing would have died." The same is true of discipleship within the church. There is part of me that is drawn to large groups. And that seems to be the


This is how I feel many times in my life. I wonder what God's will is for my life, and then I begin to play these mind games with myself. "What if this?, what if that?" I am so concerned with making the right decison, with doing God's will, that I end up paralyzed. I tend to think that God's will is some sort of giant mystery, and if I don't get it right, then I have screwed up my life forever. I analyze every detail, think about every possibility, right up to aliens coming down, and end up stuck. Trusting God, making a decison, stepping out on faith seems so difficult. I am so afraid of failing. All of that to say, I am learing to trust God more. He takes me places I would not have picked, and gives me a life I could not have dreamed of. His ways are higher than my ways. Not to say life is hunky dory, cause right now it is pretty difficult. But I trust, and will try to not stare in the puddle anymore. P.S. Calvin and Hobbes is one of the best