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Thoughts on the 2013 SBC

This was the first Southern Baptist Convention I had attended, and I am grateful to my church for the opportunity to do so.  I have several thoughts, and will list them out in bullets below. Attendance :  The main meeting room was mostly empty, and felt cavernous.  Total messenger registration topped out just over 5k, and it showed in the small crowds. The times of actually conducting business were small as well, which was disappointing to me.  I think that is a valuable time to hear about what God is doing, and to join together to take stands in our culture for the Gospel of Christ.  I'll save the commenting on resolutions and ideas to other blogs, but I wish more had been involved.  Many other things were  going on at the same time and perhaps that attributed to it.             Additionally, as a younger pastor I didn't notice very many people there my age.  Much has been written  about the plethora of people at other conferences compared to the SBC, but I had a diffe