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Missions and the Rural Church

I was invited to a missions meeting put on by my state denomination.  A two hour or so meeting. And by invited I mean I recieved a mass email. But having just returned from Brazil I was interested in learning from other churches about engaging my church on mission. The meeting consisted mainly of missions pastors from larger churches getting up and discussing how and where they do trips.  It was great to hear from them, and from the few large church pastors who lead their churches to engage around the world.  The church we met in had flags all around the foyer of places their church had been in the last 20 or so years.  Probably 40-50 countries around the world. As a child of God, a christian, it was exhilarating to hear the talk and see the results of people on mission.  But as a small church pastor I felt discouraged. I can't lead my church into many different countries, on multiple trips a year.  One church, a great church with a great pastor by the way, has over 15 trips fo