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Pastoral Baggage

7, 200.   That’s a rough calculation for how many sermons the pulpit in my church has seen.   Over the last seventy years that accounts for two sermons a week, Sunday morning and night.   There’s a been a few closures for weather, but not many.   And that doesn’t even count the Wednesday night lessons, and the revival meetings, or the funerals.   No one has been there for all of those sermons, of course, except for the pulpit. Imagine the stories it could tell about the good, bad, and ugly over the years of the church.   No one has been there for all of them, but there are few who have been there for a large majority of them!   When I step into that pulpit on Sundays I’m reminded that as I stand there, I don’t stand alone.   Surrounding the pulpit I stand in on Sundays is all the baggage left from 70 years of church life. Every pastor who has filled that pulpit has left a little piece of himself with the hearers, and as   pastor I need to be aware of the baggage that I carry with