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Christian Growth

I have been praying and praying for God to move in my life. I want Him to move like the Bible says He does. Magnificent acts of creation, light created with a word, mountains formed with a movement of His hand. That is not the way that God works in my life. I want God to be magnificent and majestic, like a massive downpour carving out the grand canyon, not a simple little river that carves it's way out over time. I am not here to argue creation or evolution, so please don't. I just know that most times God in my life is slow and deliberate. There have been those amazing acts of God, salvation, being set free from my old life. But I know that most of the time, the process in which God grows me is slow and deliberate. Something that has a definite purpose but is difficult to see. Something that is hard to wait on. But if I wait, the result is just as amazing, just as marvelous. But it doesn't mean that I like it.