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Employing vs. Empowering

At our church a few weeks ago, Sara shared her heart with our pastor about what she is passionate about. What God has given her a desire to do. I was there and watched her talk and saw the pastor's response. It was more or less a brush off. Sara has a degree in Family and Child Development and is passionate about helping families. So many churches want children and have VBS and huge kids ministries, but don't do anything for their parents. This kids might hear the word at church, but go home to the bad environment. Sara believes it's important to reach the parents as well as the kids, and God has given here a great passion for that. To give families tools to function, to help parents love their kids and build them up. It is well documented that our church has a "need" for people to work with children. They want to start things on Wednesday nights, and a choir/worship service for Sunday nights, as well as maybe a kids church. But we were told that our church wasn&