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My Mind

Sunday Night I preached on How to be pure from Galatians 5:16. In my preparation I came across a familiar passage. Romans 8:6-8 For to be carnally minded is death; buy to be spiritually minded is life and peace. Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law, nor can it be. So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God. This is a theological term for a passage like this, "No Duh!" This is why we get saved. Because our mind set on the flesh is enemies with God. It cannot please God. But then God made me realize, when I try to stop sinning, to stop being depressed, stop smoking, drinking, or whatever, I am trying to do it myself. I get confused because the things that I want are not bad. I want to spend 1 hour in prayer in the morning. But when I set out to do it, I set my mind on my flesh. I say I can do this. I can stop living in sin. We somehow think that we can discipline ourselves into submission. Am I sayi


A recent post by Mac Swift reminded of a dream I had about a year ago. Three of my best friends were engaged or had just gotten married, and I had never gone out with anyone. I was wondering if God wanted me to stay single. As for the dream. I was at the old gym at my old high school and I was climbing the stairs to go up to the boys locker room to change clothes. There was a girl sitting at the top of the stairs and she told me I couldn't go in because someone was changing. I was upset because I really wanted to go in and change. I sat down at the top of the stairs next to her and on the opposite wall was a video screen with the girl in the room changing. Not like that though. She had on a fireman's uniform and took it off and underneath was a doctor's outfit. Then she took that off and underneath that was a policeman's uniform. This went on for quite some time, and I lost interest as I began talking to the girl next to me. We really hit it off, and she fe

What to do?

I just got done preaching at a church tonight in Shawnee for pulpit supply. I have been preaching at this church in OKC. There is a big baptist college in Shawnee, and I think a church there would have lots of potential. Those baptist kids need to hear about Jesus somehow. But this church in OKC. It is just a small baptist church with about 10 people. A mom and dad, and their daughter and husband and four kids, and 3 old people. Their building is run down, they need a pastor, an interim or a full one. But only bi-vocational. But everything about this church is wrong. They have no organization. No building. Their property is run down. No depth. No effort. It would take a lot of work. I am a college student trying to finish, trying to get married in March, trying to follow the Lord. Right now, the only door that continue to open for me is Lakewood in OKC. Does this mean I should go through it? Does God only open doors we should go through? Am I limiting God by saying t
Surrender Forgive me Lord, that I have failed so often, Striving so hard, yet striving all in vain, Thinking to conquer self and sinful nature, Instead of which I taste defeat again. Things I would do, I long leave unaccomplished, Things that I hate, I far to often do: In wretchedness my heart cries for the answer Who shall deliver me? I wish I knew. “Then sin some more that Grace may be the greater?” O Lord forbid! That cannot be the way! Deliverance there must be found in Jesus, And victory for me o’er sin today. Hast thou a word to help me, Blessed Master, To show me how to run aright the race? Or must I wander on alone in twilight And seldom see the sunshine of Thy Face? “Confess thy sins: the Blood has power to cleanse thee: Submit thy will, and make it one with Mine: Accept by faith the joy of promised blessing, And start afresh to walk in light divine!” Is it so simple then—to take by trusting, Just as I did when I was born again? I see it

He Didn't Do It!

I know I am a bit late in sounding off on this, not that I particulary care, but those ten commandments do not really belong in that courthouse. Having had some discussions about this, I thought I would write on it. Why do people think that Jesus Died for Democracy? I do not want to sing patriotic songs in a church service. "This land is my land" does not belong in a place with a sermon about the holiness of God. "But this nation was founded on Christian principles," you say. I know that more than most people. I know more about the foundation of this country than anyone would ever want to know. I know about reading the constitution and who wrote it and what they were and what they really meant. People, wake up. This is not a christian nation anymore. The ten commandments are clearly a religous document. What if he had wanted to post a portion from the Quaran in his courthouse? What would we say then? In all probablity I am more conservative than many o


I have always been drawn to the music of Keith Green. If you have never heard his music, you must check it out. You can follow the link on the sidebar. One of the things that I admire most was his refusal to compromise. This is severely lacking in our current age. Followers of Christ are to be that. Followers of Christ. Nothing else. We must not follow anything else at all. We compromise in our everyday life. Christian, if you are speeding, you are compromising. If you are not wearing your seatbelt, you are compromising. Any white lie, any gesture, any thought not honoring God is a compromise, I don't care how small it is. We as Christians must stop giving up little pieces of ourselves here and there because it might be easier for us. I am weary of trying to serve two masters. Either I am following God or I am not. That is it. We are not called to lead "good" lives. Jesus told the adulteress, "Go and sin no more." We must live our lives wholly


Christ has given me so many blessings. I was naked and he gave me clothes. He adorned me with beautiful jewlery. He annointed me with sweet smelling oil. But then I take these things that He has blessed me with and use them for my own sake. I make molten images out of the treasures He has given me. I set up a tent out of the clothes He gave me and lure people with the sweet smelling ointment He gave me. Why do I continue to lie to Him? Why do I pretend like I can do it myself? Think about the things that Chirst has given you, and how you honor yourself with them. If it is using a relationship to achieve physical gratification, or using your intelligence to honor yourself and your achievements. Christ gave us these things. We must honor Him with them and turn them back to Him.


Much is made of prayer, and rightly so. But still my heart begins to wonder. How can I truly know God, and pray to Him, and still not see any results. I know, as I hear all of you cry out, that I must trust Him. That I must wait for His timing. And I do. Paul prayed for God to remove the thorn from his flesh. This was not a quick shout out to God, but probably a long period of prayer that included fasting and weeping and mourning. So I am left with my question. Why does God seeminly not answer my prayers? If you know, write a book and you will make lots of money. But still, I wonder if I am doing something wrong. I have been reviewing some studies I did in prayer, the conditions of, importance of, and why we do it. I still don't know. Is it wrong of me to demand God to answer my prayers? Yes. On the same note, when I preach the gospel, can I expect someone to be saved everytime? I hear some of you saying no, and I ask you, Why Not? Culture and places and timing an

He's Doing it Again

Just when I begin to wander away from God, He always pulls me back toward Him. I sit here without a home or a job, and I love it. How can God continue to move my heart toward Him? He has put in me a renewed desire for prayer, and and urgency to call out to His name. I wish I could never get off my knees. I long to wrestle with God in the deep places of my heart, to agonize for the lost, to weep over my sin. I want to spend all my time in prayer with Him. I lose the words sometimes, I don't know what to say. But still my heart cries out to him. I want to sweat drops of blood over the sin of my nation. I want to fall on my knees in His presence. I find lately that all I can say to Him is Father, Come. Holy Spirit Come. Father Come. Father Come. Father Come. For this is my hearts cry. This is the desire of my heart. Come into my life. Shed your love abroad in my heart. Come onto my campus. Come into all my conversations. Come into my study for seeminly worthless c