For every action there is to be an equal and opposite reaction. This is a very interesting concept. I sit here listening to the new Charlie Hall CD. He rocks, and is an Oklahoma boy. This cd seems to be about a journey. It's called "On the Road to Beautiful". He talks about following God, and the songs seem to swell from seeking God to this climax of finding Him and being satisfied by Him, and then being sent out.

This set me in thought. One of the songs says "I'm chasing after you because you first chased after me." Reactions. Why do I love? Because he first loved me. Why do I embrace him? Because he first embraced me. Why do I rejoice in singing to him? Because he first rejoiced over me.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If Jesus died for me, then there is nothing else that I can do except die for Him. If we are to be imitators of Christ, we must do it all the way. Jesus left no room for us to wimp out. "I died for you!" He tells me. "All I want is everything you got." That is what he did for us. How can I not give him my everything? To not simply goes against nature. I must die for Him. I have no other choice.

Why does all this seem like such a fight? Why am I so tired when I am following God? I am beginning to see that this is not what God has in store for me. I know that the way is narrow and that the hill is steep sometimes. If you have been reading here, you know I do not believe God promises us ease. But, he does promise us rest. But it only comes when we completly devote oursleves to him. To do otherwise is try to hold back the waves, or to stop a volcano from erupting. To stop a flood with a paper towel.

To not die when he has died for us is against all creation. Every action must have an equal and opposite reaction. He died for me, I cannot simly give him a little bit of me. I must give everything to him on my journey. As I reach Him, I embrace Him, and he sends me out with fire to go love the world as he did. Send me with fire, Lord. Send me with fire.


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