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The Death of a Funeral Director

News travels fast in a small town.   It went out over the police scanner that an ambulance had been sent to the local funeral home.   That’s not normally a place that EMT’s work to save a life, but that day they were.   The funeral director had suffered a heart attack in his chair on a Sunday afternoon, and his life was in danger.   He is a church member as well as a good friend, and I got the call while I was in my office.   I rushed down to the hospital to be there and get an update, but upon sight of the family it was evident I didn’t need an update.   Roger didn’t make it.   I hugged his wife and grieved with his employees, who were there to collect his body.   I had the privilege to help them load the funeral director into a car with name on the side.   The gravity of the moment was overwhelming.   Roger had grown up the son of a funeral director and had spent almost all of his life around death.   He himself had stood in countless hospitals and homes around grieving fam

Resources Every Rural Pastor Needs

I had a conversation with a pastor from out of state at a conference. He told me he was from a small town in the Southwest. “How small?” I asked, as I am always curious about small towns.   “Oh very small” he assured me.   “Only 15 thousand people or so.”   Depending on your background, you might think that is a small town too.   Or maybe you know some places to take that brother to show him what a small town really is.   That’s more people than live in the whole county where I pastor.   And my town of 3500 is the big city compared the towns of 1,000, 600, or 300 around us.   Pastoring in rural communities has it own set of challenges and difficulties as well as it’s set of pleasures and privileges.   Pastoring is a challenge no matter the size of the community, but having the right set of tools can make the job a little easier.   It’s possible to drive a nail with a rock, but it sure is easier with a hammer.   It’s possible to pastor a rural church without these tools, but