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To the one who feels forgotten

If someone asks who your father is, you can probably answer that. That’s not that impressive.   You can probably name your grandfather also.   How about your great grandfather?   “Grampa Holmes” is all I know, but I know if I dug around some in an old bible I could find it.   How about your great great grandfather?   Now it’s getting harder.   Could you name your great-great-great grandfather?   Unless you have an account on a genealogy website, you are pretty much done after going back 1 or 2 generations.   In a world where so many are focused on getting their 15 minutes a fame, it’s a sobering reminder that most of the people in the world will be forgotten in 2 or 3 generations. We don’t even know our own family members, let alone the billions of people who lived on the east 200 years ago.   Even those who engage in God’s work are often forgotten by the world.   There are some names who stand out.   Names like Spurgeon, Ryle, Calvin, Luther, or Edwards stand out. Around thos