When Did It Start?

I read this morning in Romans chapter 1. It saddened me. What a description of the world and of our sinful nature. I sat this past weekend at a youth conference. It was not all that bad. But why, oh why, must christians clap and cheer at everything someone says? As I read in Romans, I wonder if people cheered him as he said this. Did he get applause on Mars Hill? Did Peter get cheers and shouts at Pentecost?

My point is this: Why do we cheer for people, and their great words, when the creation arounds us groans for Him. All we can do is clap and shout and whistle for Jesus at our seminars and retreats by the lake, while a world is dying and going to hell. Christians, I challenge you to trade your cheers for tears. Trade your emotion for compassion. Trade your retreat for a trip downtown to minister to the lost. Trade the dollars you spend on Christian junk for a chance to point someone toward Jesus.

Hannah in I Samuel chapter 1 basically prayed, "Give me children or I die!" We must get back to this and mourn for those who are lost. An entire world is lost and going to hell, and what do we do? We go to our conference and cheer and shout for a funny skit, or a band that says that they love Jesus, even though their actions show other wise.

Christian, we must be about the business of the Lord! Father, break our hearts for the lost.
Christian, I Dare you to pray this to the Lord!

Draw Close
Lord, let me feel
The way that you feel
Broken for the pain that people bear

Lord let me taste
Tears from broken reeds
Teach me to pray with weeping for those with needs

Draw close, to the lonely ones, the hurting ones
To the angry ones
Jesus bring peace

Draw close, to the torn apart, to the broken heart
To the one whos far
Jesus bring peace
Draw close
-Charlie Hall

Cause me to weep, Lord!


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