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Theologian Thursdays: Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Every thursday I hope to highlight a different person from church history, alive or dead, and point out the impact they made on the Kingdom of God. This is to introduce people to new ideas, thoughts, and to give us a glimpse into the many who have gone before us who have made a difference in their time for God.   I'm going to start with those that have made a big impact on me personally, and then branch out from there.   First up is Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Lloyd-Jones, or just the Doctor, as he was called by many, was a pastor in London for many years.  He served at Westminster Chapel from 1943-1968.  Trained as a medical doctor and coming to ministry later in life, he brought a unique perspective to the pastorate, and soon became known for his in-depth expository and teaching.   His many books and sermons published over the years have benefited many people.  He was known for taking a careful approach to scripture, often spending sermons one one ve