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Christ and the Media

I recently finshed a book called " Christ and the Media ", which is a series of 3 lectures given by Malcom Muggeridge . Muggeridge was a brilliant journalist and TV personality in England and for the BBC in the 20th century. The lectures were over the role that TV specifically plays in the shaping of culture and society, and of our values. The lectures were given in 1976, but like most timely words, they still stand true in our time today. I wondered what Muggeridge would say could he see our society now, and the effect that media and the internet play in our daily lives. I put together a few quotes to share. "News was endlessly analyzed, synthesized, liqudised, to form a single soothing brew- Newsak" "More books published, plays produced, buildings erected in a matter of decades than heretofore in the whole recorded matter of time; the scene set for the greatest cultural explosion of history, a Venice or Florence on a continental scale. And the result