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The Chief Resource Raiser

Upon reading Courageous Leadership by Bill Hybles, I cam upon a the chapter where he says the Leader (pastor) is to be the Chief Resource Raiser. He recounts a conversation he had with R.C. Sproul who asked him "How much ministry could you do for a hundred bucks?'' Before he could answer, Sproul replied "About a hundred bucks worth!" Apparently you cannot do ministry without money. I am quickly growing weary of America today. "What the church needs is true leaders!" What about the cross. This book in particular will go for chapters and chapters without mentioning the cross. 15 steps to this. 5 steps to this. 17 rules for this. We are not putting our reliance on the cross. The church thinks, " I see a need, I see what the Bible tells us to do, I must go out and find a way to make a program work to accomplish this goal." Almost all of my blame goes on the pastors in the pulpit today. You see, if I am training my people righ

Jeremiah 1:5

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, And before you were born I consecrated you; I have appointed you a prophet to the nations." I was walking through my parents house the other day and I paused to look at a picture on the wall. It has all the names of the children, and spouses, with their meanings and a verse. Very nice. But then I noticed the the last nine words of the verse on mine. " I have appointed you a prophet to the nations" Ever since I was a child, I wanted to make a mark in history, to define a period. Admitedlly, many of my reasons were selfish. But as I grow towards Christ, He has filled me with a burning desire to take His gospel to the nations. I will not rest until every knee bows down at the foot of Christ, and every tounge sings His praise. When I was young, I embraced it, now I fear it. When I was young I desired it, now I am defined by it. This is who I am. I cannot waste my time doing other things. The Lord has shown


Miserable are those who measure the authority of a doctrine by the numbers recieving it. Truth always overcomes, though for a time it is found among the few. He who, for proof, betakes himself to numbers, confesses himself conquered. Let me see the beauty of truth, and immediately I am persuaded. A multitude may overawe, bu cannot persuade. How many myriads could persuade me to believe that day is night, that poison is food? In determing earthly things we do not regard numbers, shall we do so in heavenly things? I reverence numbers; but only when they produce proof, not when they shun inquiry. Can you confirm a lie by numbers? -Athanasius (296-373)

I Knew It Would Happen

Say something enough, and sooner or later God will call you on it. I tell people all the time that the Gospel is enough. That it can conquer everything. That if you preach the truth, then lives will be changed. And now I am at a place where that is being put to the test. I have to leave everything to God, for He is the only one who can make it happen. The church I am at has a lot of things against it, or so people would say. But now more than ever I must hold true to what I believe. The Gospel is enough. It will overcome all obstacles. And when the Gospel is spoken, lives are changed. And I am seeing it. People putting their complete and total reliance on God. Crying out to Him morning, noon, and night. "We need you, we need you, we need you. More than life or breath, or food or water we need you." That is the cry of a heart seeking after God. Hopefully the cry of your heart, and my heart. Without God, we do not stand a chance.


last Sunday, I taught on Genesis Chapter 1. You know, where God creates the world. I am fascinated how everything in the bible applies to us. As we begin this new year, I think we all should look back at the truth in the creation story. The Bible tells us that in the beginning the earth was formless and without void. So too is my life without Christ. The Spirit of God moved upon the surface of the deep. Holy Spirit, move on the deep dark places of my soul. Then light was created. Then light and darkness was created. Then heaven and earth were seperated. Then water and earth. THEN, grass and trees and plants began to grow upon the face of the earth. True growth will not happen without seperation. Before spiritual growth can happen in my life, I must separate myself from the things of this world. I must separate myself in my music, my thoughts, the things I watch, the things I talk about. Growth will not happen until I separate from the world. Away from false d