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The Breadth of Scripture

We are going through Genesis on Sunday nights, and and so far we are up to about chapter 41, right in the middle of the story of Joseph. I enjoy going through chapter by chapter, as it gives me a chance to preach sermons I would normally not, such as think carefully before agreeing to be circumcised , and any prostitute who agrees to a deal for a goat is probably up to no good . Now we come to the story of Joseph. Chapter 39 closes with Joseph sitting in prison, and God basically saying "It's okay, I'm with you, and I have a plan!" Chapter 40 deals with the butler and baker and their dreams, and Joseph asking the butler to remember him when he is restored by Pharaoh. Chapter 40 closes with the words that the butler did no remember Joseph, and I see this picture of Joseph sitting in the dungeon, with rags for clothes, his head in his hands, wondering what God is doing with him. As I said before, I love going through chapter by chapter, because I never would ha

Book Review

Off – Road Disciplines is a book by Earl Creps . Creps is the Director of Ministry Program and associate professor at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. Creps has served as a pastor, consultant and professor. His experience in pastoring a boomer, buster, and gen-x church each at different times uniquely qualify him to offer thoughts on the subject. Disciplines is about the idea that traditional, or “on road” disciplines need to be bolstered by things that take you off the beaten path and force you to meet God in unexpected ways. These ideas include the idea of reverse mentoring and harmony in the blending of differences. In chapter 4 on reverse mentoring, Creps promotes the idea of finding someone younger than your self to help you understand the differences between the generations. He referred to himself as from planet 8 track, while his R-mentors were from planet iPod. This discipline is effective at encountering God because it makes you look for


I dream of tongues of fire resting on Your people, I dream of all the miracles to come. I hope to see the coming healing of the nations, I long to see the prodigals return. So many hopes and longings in you when will all the dreams come true? I’m a believer in your kindom, I am a seeker of the new things, I am a dreamer of some old dreams, let them now come (will you now come?) I hope to see you come down, Rend the mighty heavens, And let Your glory cover all the earth; to see Your sons and daughters Come to know and love You, And find a purer passion in the church. These are the things my heart will pursue; When will all the dreams come true? May Your church now reach out, Sowing truth and justice, Learning to love the poor and help the weak. When your kindom’s coming It will touch the broken, Place the lonley ina family. So many hopes and longings in You; When will all the dreams come true? So Matt Redman rocks. This song sounds much cooler in a british accent. Read

Phriday Photo's

stream Originally uploaded by laholmes2 . Inspired by others, and wishing to better my photography, I am going to try to post a Phriday Photo