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The Journey

This seemed to be my next stop. I had been walking for quite a while, looking for accomplishment and success. It sounded like there was a town over the next hill. They sounded very busy. I saw a sign and ran up to it to see where I was. It was a very well constructed sign, limestone, like you see on those fancy houses. "Welcome to the Land of “ The sign itself was beautiful, but it looked like no one had taken care of it. I suppose they were just busy doing other things. Too busy to put the name on it. I kept on walking up the hill and as I came to the top I saw the most beautiful city I had ever seen. The fence was gorgeous, built to keep the lazy out, and the hardworking city people in. The Cathedral in the middle of town was the most ornate building I had seen in a long time, with flying buttresses galore. Yes, there it was in that nice neat little display case that architects use to show off their models. I then raised my eyes, and I saw the most beautiful gate