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Revival vs. Reformation

I was cleaning out my car and found a book (don't ask how it got there.) The Spirit of Revival is basically a revision of Jonathan Edwards classic work The Distinguishing Marks of a Work of the Spirit of God with a preface by R. C. Sproul. In the preface he talks about the difference between a revival and a reformation. Revival describes a renewal of spiritual life, while reformation describes a renewal of the forms and structures of society and culture. He writes "It is not possible to have true reformation without first having true revival. The renewal of spiritual life under the power of the Holy Spirit is a necessary condition for revival, but not a sufficient condition for it." "...revival brings with it the conversion of souls to Christ, who are at the moment of conversion spiritual babes. Infants have little impact on the shaping of cultural institutions. It is when vast numbers of converted people approach maturity in their faith and sanctifi

What In The World

Sitting here reading and surfing. The grammy's are on tonight. What a huge lie. That is all that it is. People wrapped up in themselves are getting awards from people who are wrapped up in them too. 45 years ago the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. Guess what? I don't care. It makes no matter in eternity. "But their music has stood the test of time!" No it has not. Why does America get so wrapped up in award shows? Who invented these things anyways? I would like to know. If we got rid of every award show, doing nothing but rewarding people for things that will be gone in 100 years, the world would be a better place.
Mac Swift reminded me of something. I didn't watch the Superbowl either. Instead, I cleaned at my church, and had dinner with my fiance. I can honestly say I did not miss a thing. Not great commercials, not a close game, not anything. I love sports, but they are a waste of time. It is all such a severe waste of time. That does not glorify the Father. I hate myself for wasting my time on this. Do you want to know what true revival is? When bars shut down, because no one wastes their money on that filth. True revival is when the sports stadiums shut down because people don't care anymore. I am tired of filling my mind with filth. Do you think I will get to heaven, and God will say. "Well done my good and faithful servant, but you should've loosened up some" (to paraphrase Leonard Ravenhill) Why are people shocked about the half time show, they are doing what come natural to them. Father, help me rid my mind of the filth I fill it with. Help m