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I just finished reading this book, and it was well worth the two dollars. Many of you have probably read it, but it raised some questions in my mind. Andrew is smuggling bibles into communist countries(plot ruiner) and while in East Germany he hears the story of the government would institute the Jugend Weihe, literally the youth consecration. The government placed this at a time when most children would be going through confirmation as a majority of them were Catholic or Lutheran. Meaning, when they reached that age, they would choose between serving the state or God. They did this in other ways, offering weddings, funerals, and just about any other religous ceremony you could want, only they would offer them in place of the church. They were basically substituting the church out of daily life. That made me think about our society today. What things are offered by the world in place of Christ. Understand, that is what the world is about, offering a substitute in place of

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We have been going through Genesis on Sunday Night at my church and I am amazed at the way God continues to use Abraham. Over and over God has told him the promise that he will use him, that he will give him a son, and that he will make a great nation out of him. Abraham does not believe him, concieves Ishmael, asks God to just use Ishmael. He lies and lies, even telling over one he had already been caught in. Even I am smarter than that. But God still uses him. He is one of the great Fathers of the Faith. He is given to us as an example in Romans. His faith was reckoned to him for righteousness. Yet he did not believe God, his wife laughed at God. If God can use his faith, surely he can use mine. I weary of trying to be the perfect pastor, of setting the perfect example. I pray that God will use me as he used Abraham. Not because of him, or who he was, but in spite of him and who he was. Use me Father, use me.
I saw this video, and had to share it. It is good to remember that this kind of thing is going on, probably in my own hometown. HT: Matthew Smith