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Biblical Church Revitalization, by Brian Croft

There is an urgent need for good materials on church revitalization. There have been a few people who attempted to put something together, or become the leading voice in the area. Church revitalization is an area that is growing rapidly. Brian Croft's book "Biblical Church Revitalization" is the new bar that every book that follows will have to meet. Croft pastors Auburndale Baptist Church in Kentucky, and runs the ministry Practical Shepherding .  He has been a great voice over the past few years in the area of pastoring.  He writes about revitalization not from an academic aspect, but with the heart of pastor for a local church.  His own church had been through some painful experiences, and he shares those with you as he writes.  More than anything, Croft gives us just what he said he would in the title. A solid basis for "biblical church revitalization."  This is not just a how to book, although it is full of practical advice.  Croft writes to pastors and

Flickering Lamps, by Richard Blackaby

When I was at the Southern Baptist Convention in St. Louis I had the opportunity to attend the North American Mission Board's Replanting Conference.  Richard Blackaby was the guest speaker on Saturday Night, and they gave out copies of his book "Flickering Lamps." As I understand it this was written to encourage those in church revitalization and replanting.  As the majority of churches in North America are plateaued or declining, Blackaby tells some of the story of his dad, author Henry Blackaby, and the challenges they faced as Henry moved the family to Canada to pastor a small run down church.  They moved to Faith Baptist Church, that had a for sale sign out front!  Some faith!  It's a hopeful and encouraging story that is short on how-to's and long on Jesus and the Spirit.  I think every church lead would be encouraged by this book, and will be drawn close to Christ because of it.  Below are a few quotes that I pulled out. Jesus is the one who closes church