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To My 3 Daughters

When your mother and I got married, we dreamed of having children someday.  I can honestly admit for myself that none of those dreams involved having three daughters!   I'm definitely in over my head with bows, princesses, excessive amounts of pink, and SOOO much talking.  But God has blessed me with you, and I wouldn't change it for all the boys in the world. I'm concerned though, for your hearts as your grow up in an increasingly difficult world.  I'm not an old man, though you make me feel it sometimes. But the world I grew up in is not the world we live in now.  And I can't even imagine what the world will be like as you continue to grow and mature into womanhood.  Who knows what the results of the 2016 election will bring, or what the world of even our own state will look like in a few years.  It's hard to prepare you for a world that seems so uncertain. Should I be teaching your survival skills?  Or another language?  Should I be learning these things?  

The Living Church, by John Stott

John Stott was the longtime Rector of All Souls in England.  He was a celebrated author, theologian, and leader among evangelicals until his death in 2011.  Towards the end of his life he put out this book,  The Living Church: Convictions of a Lifelong Pastor .  Stott shares some of his convictions about the necessity of the church, and the future of the church in an uncertain world.  Stott had a great love for the church, and that comes through in his writings.  He had the privilege to serve at the same church for practically his whole life, the same one he grew up at as a child. His love for the church was not limited to All Souls, though, and God used him mightily through his pen and pulpit to guide others towards Him. Below are a few quotes All authentic mission is incarnational mission.  The church is not "over" the Holy Scriptures, but under them.   The Holy Spirit's presence is not measured by decibels.   No book is more scathing of empty religion tha