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Why the Pastor Needs a Council of Historians

All churches have a history, but mine has a peculiar one.  In July 1993, a team from our church went to serve in Florida to help rebuild houses after Hurricane Andrew. North of Tampa, there was rain and one of the vans flipped over.  Seven people were on the van, and two were thrown from the van. David Craig, 40, and Jane Neese, 80, were thrown from the van and killed at the scene. A third woman became paralyzed from the wreck, and the others faced severe injuries.   It was a terrible time in the life of the church, one that I learned about after I came to pastor.  It was a difficult time to lose two church members, one 80 years old!  The incident stayed with the church for a long time, and was followed by lawsuits and grieving and other things that come with that.  It cast a shadow over future mission trips by the church, and even still does to this day, 23 years later.   I thought of this event when i read the recent article Why The President Needs a Council of Historians.