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Stop living for the moment

  “A date that will live in infamy forever. “ That’s how President Roosevelt described the horrific attack on Pearl Harbor to the US Congress and to millions more on the radio one day after the attack. Today, long after almost all those involved have passed on, the words of FDR have proven to be true. That moment shaped countries, economies, and the lives of millions of people. The events of that date didn’t just change life for those on the base, but for people all over the world.  Much of our study of history is made up of these events, these dates and places that impact world history.  They have names like “the shot heard around the world” or “Custer’s Last Stand,” or the simple “9/11”. Going back to World War II, events like V-Day or D-Day are still remembered and celebrated long after most of the participants have passed. For centuries students have had to memorize names, places, and dates of the most famous events in history.  There’s something about these types of events that dr

Farming in tainted soil

  Recently the EPA announced a plan to find and counteract what they called PFAS, or “forever chemicals. “ These are often by products of industrial processes, and so far scientists have found them everywhere they have looked.  These synthetic chemicals “ glide through air and water with ease, evade all natural processes of decay, and inflict debilitating injuries even at exceedingly low levels of exposure. “ These chemicals can be traced back to big companies and even governments, but for decades most of them turned a blind eye to the problem.  Finally the EPA has a plan to address the problem, but at this stage it feels impossible to overcome.   Almost everything in our world is tainted with these chemicals, and we won’t know the final results for a long time.   These spills can happen or by accident, like a an oil spill or nuclear accident.  Everything that is touched by those chemicals is changed forever.  There are few things that have the power to change everything they touch.  B