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2 gods or One God

We all have a choice. At the end of his life Joshua stood before the people he had led into the Promised Land.  He reminds of all that God has done for them.  After coming from Egypt, only Joshua and Caleb had the faith that God would deliver the nations of Canaan into their hands. Their faith was rewarded, and after wandering through the desert Joshua was picked by God as the successor to Moses.  Joshua led them against Jericho, and then in a systematic march through the land.  God delivered Israel, just as Joshua said he would.  Now at the end of his life, Joshua reminds the nation of all that God has done.  He doesn't leave it there, though, and in Joshua 24 he recounts the whole history of Israel, starting with Abraham.  God's faithfulness is show through Jacob, Joseph, and his brothers. The list of nations was impressive.  Pharoah and Egypt, Balak and Moab, Jericho, the Amorites, the Preizzites, the Canaanite's and the Hittite's, the Girgashite's, the Hivit