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Lessons from a book sale

800,000 That’s how many books were for sale at the recent used book sale I went to. I make a point every year to attend the sale of the Metropolitan Library System of Oklahoma City.   All paperbacks 50 cents and hardbacks a dollar!   You can’t find better bargains than these.   People roll in suitcases, storage tubs, boxes, wagons, and I even saw one guy with a giant trash can.   With all these books for sale there are bound to be some treasures, right?   I headed over to the religion section and began fighting crowds to scan through.   I pulled out Lloyd-Jones, Piper, and Carson. Some classics like Murray, Edwards, Calvin, and others can be found.   What’s most amazing to me at a book sale is not what you want to buy, it’s what you don’t want to buy. As I scanned the tables it was like looking over the recent history of popular Christianity.   I can ride the emergent wave or get a Bible commentary by Jimmy Swaggart. There are piles of books that promise me to be the next big