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What about Moderns?

It seems like so much of my life is spent trying to help the older people in my church understand the younger. How you can’t just open up the doors and expect people to come to church. How church is not even on the list of important things for most people. How younger people desire a different type of music. How younger people lack the denominational loyalty. How they desire things that are authentic rather than cool programs. But this past week has made me think that I don’t spend very much space in my postmodern mind towards understanding the modern people in my church. I say things like “That’s just how they are” or even worse, “they’re just old”. Yeah, I admit and confess to having said that. For the older people in my congregation, church is more than just a building to them. Right or wrong, that is how they feel, and there is probably not anything that will happen to change their mind. Many of them have lived in the same home, gone to the same church, shopped at th