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I just came across this on Church Media Good Search Good Search is powered by Yahoo! and everytime you search, it donates half of the ad revenue to the charity of your choice. The possiblities are limitless. Just about a penny per search, but think about how many searches you make a day! Add that to all the friends and family in your church or organization, and it adds up fast. I am interested to see the results. Want to support my church? Go and type in Hyde Park Baptist Church
A few blurbs from Vision Magazine Being boring is a sin- Jeff Henderson, pastor Buckhead Church The team examined very successful businesses, discovered what they were doing righ, and decided to take a corporate approach to leading the church. " I don't have any problem with people saying that this seems more like a business. That's a compliment." Andy says. Andy Stanley is the pastor at North Point Community Church . I read his book, Next Generation Leader , and was really put off by all the business talk. Leading a church is not business. He does say further down from what I quoted above that the church should be the best organization in the world because they have the most important mission. Well, I can agree with that. But focusing on personal leadership skills outside of spiritual aspects is wrong. For more on this perspective, read the article in CT Is Ministry Leadership Different? Try this on for size What is distinctly spiritual about the