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Andy Stanley, Lloyd-Jones and Revival

Last week I had the privilege to attend the annual Southern Baptist Convention in Baltimore, MD.  I always enjoy that time and it's a joy to hear the work God is doing among Southern Baptists. Any time Baptists get together theres no shortage of controversy, and this time was no exception.  Many articles around made note of our resolution on transgender identity, or on books about the after life. And there was a little thing about a Muslim man being admitted to one of our seminaries. Before the convention is the Pastor Conference, in which various pastors come and preach, exhort, and encourage.  The theme this year was "Show Us Your Glory",  a call to echo the prayer of Moses in Exodus 33, and to pray for revival. I usually follow the conversation on Twitter, and Monday night it blew up over a tweet by Andy Stanley. Instead of praying for revival leaders of the SBC should go spend three weeks with @perrynoble Why pray for one when you can go watch one. — AndyS