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Of Good News and Bad News

I recently went with my family to Branson for vacation.  We left town on Friday and were able to stay into the next week. As a pastor, I don't get many weekends off. So I determined to make the best of it.  I was going to church!  And while there, I got good news, and bad news.   I got up early Sunday morning while my wife and children and in-laws were all still asleep in the condo, and headed to First Baptist Branson.  I had been there before (on vacation) and enjoyed it.  The early service started at 8:30, and I would have plenty of time to get back to my family. I arrived a little early to the parking lot, and noticed there was another church right across the street literally.  I drove over there and found a catholic church, early service 8:15!  I parked and made my way inside, and the service had already started. As a baptist pastor, I'm pretty familiar with what to expect in a baptist service.  Even when traveling overseas, I feel at home in a baptist service.