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Burn Long, not just bright

In 2015 in Livermore, CA there was a party like no other as the Livermore-Pleasonton Fire Department celebrated the “Million Hours Party.” This was in celebration of a single light bulb that had been burning for over 100 years.  Visitors come from all over the world to see this oddity and take pictures of it. You can even go online and view a dedicated webcam that will let you see the miracle bulb for itself.  People are amazed that something made to be temporary has lasted now for over 117 years. The handblown, carbon fiber filament bulb was probably manufactured in the 1890’s, was recognized by Guinness as the longest lasting bulb known in existence in 1972, and has been burning for over 100 years now.    What makes it so remarkable is that the bulb wasn’t made to last that long.  For whatever reason it simply has managed to hang on.  It doesn’t burn as bright as it used to, but it still serves it’s purpose by putting out light.  Since 1901 this bulb has been steadily giving light wi

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