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A review of "Baptists and the Christian Tradition"

I was finally able to finish the recent book from B&H Academic "Baptists and the Christian Tradition: Towards an Evangelical Baptist Catholicity." The book is a collection of essays edited by Matthew Emerson, Christopher Morgan, and  R. Lucas Stamps.   The goal of the book is to promote "retrieval for the sake of renewal" by exploring the connection between Baptists and the greater Christian traditions.  Through a series of 16 essays different authors explore various parts of the church and how Baptists are connected to them.  The topics include unity, Trinitarianism, Christology, Ecclesiology, and many others.  The essays guide the reader to see the connection that Baptist's have to christian tradition, why some Baptists try to deny that, and the benefit of understanding our shared history.  It stands to reason that since the book is from the academic arm of the B&H Publishers it is aimed towards higher education.  I read the book as a non-professional