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It's not all about you

AG Washburn was already 62 years old in 1907 when he became the “Superintendent of Indian Missions" for the brand new state convention of Oklahoma.  In his 1908 report to the state convention he reported traveling 9,003 miles, preaching 99 sermons and 81 other addresses, and visiting 34 churches, 14 associations, and 14 other meetings. That was just in one year of his work.  Later reports he gave show that was a little bit of a down year for him.   In 1910 he traveled 10,544 miles and preached 164 sermons.   He labored among the Native American churches for over a decade late in his life.  The reports he gave list baptisms, money raised, sermons preached, men ordained, and more. But at the end of every report comes the most important part.  He lists men and women who helped him along the way. The list is never the same from year to year, but he gives names like Rev. Daniel Bird, Geo. W. Bell,  H. M. Harjo, JC Stalcup, and WD Moorer.   Washburn wanted the people to know t