A Ladder or No?

A ladder. This is what I always thought it was like. But following God is just not this way. It is just not what I expected. I always thought that I would know the path. God says he knows the path he has for me. Plans to give me a future and a hope. Oh. It doesn't say anything about ladders. Ladders and God's plan for my life are not mentioned anywhere.

I was confused! You see, ladder goes straight up. You can see each rung ahead of you. You know where you are going. But a path winds around around and has obstacles in my way. When you stand at the bottom of a mountain, and you look to the top, you plan a way to get there. But that way never works out. There are boulders, and bears, and paths, and chasms and everything else in the way. But not on a ladder. No sir. It just goes straight to the top. And everyone can see you when you climb. Comment on how good you are doing at climbing. How you grab each rung forcefully as you pull yourself up. How good of shape you must be in to climb that. How you are not afraid. That must be the path that God has for me.

But it is not. The path God has for me is never what I expected. It is like a winding path up a mountain. It's dangerous. I could lose my life. The way is sometimes slippery. There are obstacles to climb around. There are animals seeking to do me harm. Climbing a mountain is not something that you do half-heartedly. It must consume you, control your everythought, for there are many places to fall. But God knows the path. He sees it from his throne in the heavens. He had it planned out since before time began. As I climb the mountain, the higher I get, the more I blend into the landscape and dissapear from view. No one knows the perils I face except for the Lord. But he guides me. He leads me. He shows me the way. I am seeking you Father.

I am climbing the mountain, Lord. It is not easy. This is not the path I charted from the bottom. It is much better. There are obstacles I did not see, but grace and mercy protect me. Your love shows me the way. When I come to the boulder in my way, and I see no way around it, you are my strength as I fight around it. When the wall of the canyon close around me and there seems to be no way out, you hope is my strength.

I climb the mountain, Father, to seek you and you alone. I love you above all else. Praise you Holy Name. I am climbing the mountain of the Lord with all my heart.


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