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The Choosing of the Seven: Where is the Gospel?

In Acts 6 there is a complaint that arises in the early church.  Murmuring is coming from the Hellenistic widows, saying they are being ignored in favor of the Jewish widows.  The 12 disciples act quickly and decisively, calling on the church to appoint 7 men, full of the Holy Ghost and of a good report to attend to this matter.   This is a great passage, and full of wisdom from the early church and applicable to our churches today.  The choosing of the seven marks a significant turning point in the history of this early church, and forms the basis for many of the leadership structures in many baptist churches today, most notably the office of deacons.   I prepared to preach on this as we were going through the book of Acts, and there are loads of insight that we could have covered. Growth in the church led to some problems Proper structure is necessary for growth Sterling character is required for seemingly low-profile jobs Congregation should have a say in leadership of