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What makes your church move?

  " It can’t be done." That’s what they told John Ericsson when he first began working on a new way to propel boats over the water in 1835. Boats had moved on wind for centuries, and lately steam powered paddle boats had taken over.  Not many saw the need for Ericsson’s invention, a screw turned propeller.  And even fewer than that believed that it would work on large boats.   By 1839 Ericsson had come a long way with his new invention, and soon gained fame as the designer of the US Navy’s first screw propelled warship, the USS Princeton. It defied belief that the Princeton could beat other ships in a race.  At over 160 feet long it seemed incredible that such a small propeller could move that fast.  Now almost every boat from little fishing dinghies with trolling motors, big fancy bass boats, Cruise ships, and battleships all are propelled the same way. The internal engine turns the rods which in turn moves the propeller, and that motion moves the boat almost effortlessly ac