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Why I'm tired of hearing about church planting

This post originally appeared on  Church Revitalization  When I was in college, I interviewed to be a youth associate-type-intern person with a mega church in OKC.  It was a typical interview, Q and A type things.  Greatest strengths, weaknesses, and so on.  He then asked me a new one.  If I was standing before two rooms, one with people who were not followers of Christ, and one with lukewarm church people, and I could only enter one to speak to, which would I choose?  I thought about it for a while, and finally answered that I would take the lukewarm church people.  He seemed surprised by my answer.  I didn’t get the job, or didn’t take it at least.  But I have mulled that question in my head for a while since then.  Was it the right answer?  If asked again now I would go and share with the people who were not Christians, that much is sure.  Always take a chance to share with people who don't know God.  But that answer then began to show me the heart God had given me for th

Preachers who Yell

A few weeks ago when leaving our Sunday morning service, a lady remarked to my wife how good the sermon was that morning, and that she really needed to hear it.  She finished up the conversation with,  "I thought he was going to yell at us there for a minute" Since my wife shared that with me I've been thinking about preachers and yelling.  I'm not one prone to raise my voice.  I'm a pretty dry person by nature, and by humor, and my personality comes out in my preaching.  That sounds exciting to listen to doesn't it?  I'm a great salesman for myself. But the remark did get me thinking about some other encounters I had in the past year regarding peoples remarks on styles of preaching.  We had a dear friend of mine in for our Spring Bible Conference.  He and his wife poured their hearts out to us, and after it was over one person told me "They don't' make preachers like they used to." ( He meant he didn't like the preacher) It