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Give me that old time Missional Thinking

This sounds like it might be from Ed Stetzers latest book, but I found it in Studies in Act s by William Fallis, which was put out by the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention in 1947. Southern Baptists had a leg up on being missional, according to this. "Missionary work cannot be done in a vacuum- simply because the lost don't live in a vacuum. They have their own ideas about God and man, their own attitudes towards them. Whether they live in exclusive Heather Heights, or on an Indian reservation, whether they teach in a European University or farm in the African bush, they have some kind of religious inclination, some kind of world outlook. The missionary on the foreign field and the soul winner in the local home church must become acquainted with the religion and world outlook of those whom they would win to Christ. Until the soul winner becomes somewhat familiar with the thought world of the lost person, he'll not have much success


One of the most interesting things about Easter to me is the times that scripture doesn't say much about. Imagine the disciples despair on the days between the death and his resurrection. They had followed this man around for years, hearing him talk about the coming kingdom, how he could destroy the temple and build it back. They saw Lazarus come hoping out of the grave. And then just like that it was over. They didn't get what Christ was about. They still didn't after he came back. As Jesus is about to ascend into heaven, they ask if now is the time he will restore his kingdom. They were still looking for a mighty conqueror to come and set them free from the Romans. Then it hit me. That is what Jewish history was all about. Mighty men of war, valor, and stature, who set Israel free from bondage. Abraham chased down the Amalekites to resuce Lot, and defeated them. He was a man of great wealth and stature, and a man of war. Moses led the Israelites out of the