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The Fastest Doctor

The man was nervous as he waited in the doctors office.  The room was cold and the gown was loose and drafty, not to mention way too small.  It's so vulnerable to sit in a strange office and bare all your hurts and pains to them.  It's scary to admit you need to change, but he knew he needed too.  And besides all that,  this surgeon came highly recommend from his hometown doctor.  He had been assured that this was the way to go, the best way to fix what was wrong. Harold didn't really understand what was wrong though.  That was the thing.  He understood that he didn't feel like he used to, back when he was younger.  He had a harder time getting around, wore out easily.  He had been sick before, but always recovered pretty quickly. But the things he always did didn't seem to help this time.  In fact they seemed to make it worse!  Not to mention how hard a time he had understanding things now a days.  This doctor wanted to do a consultation over a video chat. He had