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My Granny's Bible

It’s feels strange to go through someone else's personal life, but it’s a privilege that pastors often have. When I preach a funeral I sometimes do it from that deceased person’s bible as a last reminder of that person’s faith.   Often these people were members at their church longer than I’ve been alive.   Their Bible has been to church thousands of times, and guided them through thousands of sermons, Sunday school classes, bible studies, quiet times, and more.   The Bible of an elderly saint is often a particular treasure. You can see which verses they went back to over and over, see a record of their growth in the margins, and hear words from preachers long since deceased.   Sometimes the front and back pages of   bible are filled with verses, promises, or truths from Scripture that grabbed their heart for some reason.   Close to my desk sits my Granny’s bible. She’s one of those faithful church members that studied, taught, and never stopped learning. T