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Hallmark Movies and the church

  There are many traditions around Christmas time.  Caroling, presents, families, and so much more are just a few of them. But if your house is like mine then a new holiday tradition has emerged: watching as many Hallmark Channel Christmas movies as a sane person can handle.  Each Christmas since 2011 the Hallmark Channel runs a string of holiday films in a row, and they have become an important tradition for many people.  Oftentimes the same people appear in multiple movies, and they always follow a predictable script.  A big city person comes to the small town and learns the true meaning of the holiday.  It also works when a small town person goes to the big city to teach others about Christmas.  Another common theme is an overworked man/woman who is too busy for love and they find it at Christmas time.  Each year it seems like hundreds of  new movies are made, but they all follow the same dozen plot lines. It’s exceedingly easy to mock these movies, and I am more or less banned from