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On Being Content

I timidly knocked on the door, not really sure what to expect.  I couldn't believe that I had finally made it, that I was finally there.  All those years of longing, all those years of wandering, all those those years of wondering.  All of that came to an end as the door opened up. I only had to knock once, and the door quickly opened up, and then I saw Him.  I couldn't believe it was Him!  I fell at His feet, speechless, not knowing what to say.  A lifetime of talking about Him, of reading about Him, and I now I fell down as a dead man.  Without words, he picked me up.  I hadn't expected Him to greet me.  I thought a servant would, surely He would be to busy for someone as lowly as me.  But He greeted me warmly, as He picked me up off the floor giving the best embrace I had ever had.  In that embrace, all my fears melted away, all my concern about not belonging, all of them were gone.  For in His face and in His touch I knew and felt His love for me. We walked into a r

Jihads and Youth Groups

We hear constantly about how young adults and teenagers are leaving the evangelical church in America and the rise of the nones. The picture that is painted for the future of religion in America is a bleak one, if all one listens to is these reports. That's why I was fascinated by this recent article from Rolling Stone about the way that the Islamic State is reaching out and attracting young adults and teen agers from around the world.  The article is lengthy, but a great look at how teenagers are flocking to a stronger religious affiliation than their parents.  Far from watering down the Muslim faith to reach out to these young adults and teens, ISIS is calling for them to leave the comforts of home, to leave the ways of the western world, and for them to come and live and support and fight on behalf of Islamic State. The article starts with the story of the three Muslim youth from Chicago, siblings, who plan to leave their parents and travel and join the Muslim state.  The