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God's Operating Table

My wife had been in labor for hours, and they finally decided they had to do a c-section.  Just before they whisked her back to prep for the surgery, some one had a favor to ask. "I'm a student doctor," they said, "Do you care if I stand in and watch your wife's surgery?"  Everybody has to learn somewhere I figured, so I gave my permission. It's a fairly common practice to have students watch experienced surgeons work.   They build whole theaters for that type of thing, with theatre seating, bright lights, and more, all designed to help people see just where the surgeon makes his incisions.  Just don't bring in Junior Mints to watch. As a pastor, I feel like I have a closeup view of the operating room too. But the surgery we see performed is even more important than heart surgery or a c-section. We get to watch God, through the scalpel of His word, operate on the lives of people to make them more spiritually healthy.  The word cuts and exposes