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I received this in the e-mail newsletter from Fred Peatross . Orbiting is responsible creativity that energetically explores and operates beyond the gravity of church models, patterns, accepted norms, and contemporary standards while remaining connected to the spirit of what western culture has come to know as church. To enter orbit around the"contemporary-traditional-church" is to find a place of balance where you benefit from the resources of the organization without becoming entombed in theinstitution. How do you enter orbit? By seizing the best course of action forturning one's vision into a reality while avoiding the pallid path of "church appropriate." To be of optimum value to the "appropriate church" endeavor, I invest enough individuality to counteract the drag of the "appropriate church,"but not so much that I escape the pull altogether. I want to hover just beyond the gravitational pull of the "appropriate church's"

Yes and No

Some one left a comment on my post below about Habbakuk , and it made me mad and hurt. I left a comment for him, but then quickly went and deleted it. Honestly, I have been blogging for close to two years now and I don't get many comments like that. For me blogging is just more of a way to pound out what is in my head. What he said had some truth. I didn't explain the whole situation, so there is no way anyone could know everything that goes on in my life, but he did have truth. But it did seem rather accusatory. Anyways, I am over it. I promise. On to bigger things. I am selfish. I worry about myself a lot. I know there are people out there that have it tougher than I do. I was one of those people at different times in my life. What the commenter said got me thinking. Why do I cry out to God for myself? Why do I find it so difficult to weep and cry for others? Jesus lived his whole life knowing he was going to die. Everytime he walked by a cross as a child or young man, He kn


When Sara and I moved here, part of us thought that eventually we would start a church. I have no idea what that really means, or what it looks like. All I know is that God wants us to get invovled in people's lives, to push them towards Christ, to walk with them, to cry with them, to do everything with them. To be Christ to them. Incarnational. So we have decided to start a bible study on Thursday nights probably, once or twice a month to begin with. I have to admit, I am terrified. To me it is easy to preach in front of crowds, to stand in the pulpit and bellow God's truth. But to sit next to someone on my living room floor, explaining God's love and truth to them. Showing them who God really is, is different. It makes me vulnerable. Letting people show who I really am in everday life, is scary. But I am so excited to see what God is going to do. If you live in the Sherman area, and want to come, that would be great. It is just people getting together to tal