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Since I'm here

While here, I might as well write about what is going on. At the end of May my wife and I moved to a church in a small town. About 600 people in the town of Ft. Cobb, OK. Something for me to get used to. We took 24 kids to camp this summer and 8 of them got saved. God is doing amazing things. I see these kids who were walking in darkness walking in the light. God is purifying them and pulling the wicked from with in them. They are starting bible studies on campus, witnessing to the lost, and really experiencing the copernican revolution that we have so prayed for them. Christ is now a reality to them and no longer words on a page. I just a wrote a large paragraph, but erased it, for fear of not wanting to gossip. Long story short, people are offended by us because we speak the truth. I have been told that we come off the wrong way, and we do not want to offend people. My wife got on the ladies in her bible study for not reading the bible, saying that part of the reason t

Good News!

I have started back to School! Hopefully this year will be the magical one, the one I can graduate. Blogging has been slow because the town I live in is in the middle of nowhere, and I can't get internet on my computer. Working on that, but now I can write on the computers here at the university. So buckle down and prepare to have it come at you!