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When Your Office Burns

About two weeks ago, I was awakened by a call from a church member, about 5 AM.  I didn't think it was a social call at that hour, and sure enough he had called to tell me the church was on fire.  I threw clothes on and ran down there, watching as firefighters worked hard to put out the fire in our Nursery, Children, and office building.  The fire was set intentionally by two young men, who said they were "bored, " and had already set the middle school music room on fire earlier. All our first responders did a great job, with about 7 units coming out from surrounding areas.   I had a little experience with this through dealing with it through church members and friends, but never had it been my own stuff.  My office got hit pretty hard, as you can see.   I didn't have much of value besides my computer and my books,  and we were able to get most of those out. All day Friday and Saturday was spent running, running, running, getting things out, calling insurance, f