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Theologian Thursdays: Jim Elliot

Every thursday I hope to highlight a different person from church history, alive or dead, and point out the impact they made on the Kingdom of God.  This is to introduce people to new ideas, thoughts, and to give us a glimpse into the many who have gone before us who have made a difference in their time for God.   I'm going to start with those that have made a big impact on me personally, and then branch out from there.  This week our focus is on Jim Elliot. Jim Elliot was born  October 8, 1927  and died January 8, 1956.  He died as a young man on the mission field.   He is mostly known by the journals and letters published by his wife Elizabeth Elliot after he died.  Elizabeth Elliot is an accomplished author in her own right, but the book Passion and Purity highlights their relationship before and after marriage, when they were in college and while he served on the mission field.   Jim was a man of strong conviction, including being a pacifist.  But he fol