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The Story Telling God

Jared Wilson is one of those people who can just flat out write.  Whether it's on his blog , his many books , or his strange obsession with Tom Brady on twitter, his writing is always full of snarky remarks, but also deep insights into the gospel.  His new book The Story Telling God is no exception.  In it he takes on the parables of not only Jesus, but the rest of the bible as well.   Wilson reflects on the parables that goes beyond them being sermon illustrations, and instead shows us that they contain the deep truths of the Kingdom of God.  He reminds us "When Jesus teaches a parable He is not opening a copy of Chicken Soup For the Soul, or a fortune cookie but a window to the hidden heavenlies.  He is revealing a glimpse of eternity crashing into time, a flash photo of His own wisdom brought to bear." Rather than teaching the parables as moralistic fables, Wilson shows us the the meaning of parable is to explode the truth of the gospel into our hearts an