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An Update to Pilgrims Progress

*Editors Note:  I would never change Pilgrim's Progess.  One of my favorite books I read every year.  I would not really change Bunyan's work.   Proposal:  A modern character update to John Bunyan's classic Pilgrim's Progress Character Name: Distraction Character Summary:  Distraction is always, well distracted.  He speaks boldly about following the path to the Heavenly City, but never makes it very far on the road. He is definitely on the right path, but only travels in burst, and has long periods of inactivity.  Christian finds him just beyond the cross after he loses his burden, and they have the following conversation. Chrstian:  Are you traveling on this path, friend?  Might you be able to point me in the way to go? Distraction:  I am definitely all about this path, and I'm so excited I lost by my burden.  I can point you in the right way for sure.   C:  Have you been here in this spot long? D: Not really, no.  I entered through the