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Inside a Cutter's Mind Review

I just finished the book " Inside A Cutter's Mind" by Jerusha Clark with Dr. Earl Henslin. This book is sub-titled "Understanding and Helping Those Who Self Injure", and I think that pretty much sums up the main ideas of the book. As someone who works with students and people in all types and walks of life, self injury is something that has come up in counseling and has a all sorts of stereotypes surrounding it, some of which are true, and some of which are false. This book seeks to take you into the minds of people who do self injure, and strives to give you a glimpse of the choices they make that lead them down this path. It goes into great detail medically speaking, concerning hormones, brain scans and the such. To be honest, I could have done without that part, as I just did not find it all that interesting, but it did lay the foundation for the fact that this is not just a made up problems, and can be a physical as well as a mental issue. The

True or not?

Well, tell me pastors, teachers, preachers and so on, do you think this is true? " a man goes on preaching this gospel, he finds he has to work more and more. In the early days of Christian ministry I was given sermons, but now I have to work harder, and it is like that in the Christian life. " Martyn Lloyd-Jones This is only part of the quote, but I am not taking it out of context. The idea being that the more you preach and teach, it gets harder instead of easier. That the gospel demands more of you, more of your thoughts, time, efforts and study. Give me your thoughts!