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What kind of problem are you facing?

I left to go to church last Sunday morning, and couldn't find my keys.  I always hang them by the door, and after looking in a couple of other spots they were nowhere to be found.  I had one last spot to look: in the truck.  I had got in the habit of leaving them in there, even in the ignition.  This is only possible because I live in a small town and have a 27 year old truck no one would want to steal. But when I got to the truck, in a hurry now to get to church, I saw that I had locked them inside the cab.  With only one set of keys (because the closest place to get a copy is about 1/8 of mile away), I quickly found a coat hanger and set to work. I knew what the problem was, and so I set out to fix it, by unlocking the door.  I had to try for about 20 minutes and two coat hangers before finally getting it open.  I had a problem, I found a solution.  But one thing I never did was pray over my locked door.  My problem wasn't spiritual, it was physical, and I could take care

Two Jobs

Like many pre-adolescent boys, my first job was mowing lawns.  I mowed the lawn at home of course, but then got a job mowing at my school in the summer, where my dad was a principal.  Looking back, it was a pretty simple job.  Mow, weedeat.  That's about it.  I don't think I got a job description, but if I had it wouldn't have needed to be more than one or two sentences. As a pastor, my job description has gotten a little bit more complicated.  I didn't have a description when I came to my current church, so we put one together.  I basically wrote the whole thing, and I'm still overwhelmed by it at times.  A pastor often plays so many roles, from shepherd to teacher to administrator, vision caster, trainer, janitor, secretary, and more.  At the beginning of the week I think I can accomplish all I need to, but as the week goes on, it seems like the to-do list gets bigger, and the done list doesn't have near enough on it. What often weighs most on pastors thou